Den Nyi Ling retreat centre

Drusti, Raunas novads, LATVIA


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With great pleasure we anounce that the new name for the retreat centre is De Nyi Ling. This name was suggested to Brother Dharmapala by his guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche during the recent retreat at Bendigo, Australia.

Denpa nyi in Tibetan means two truths. Ling has various meanings: island, land, place, continent, refuge, area, temple. So Den Nyi Ling means Land of Two Truths.

The centre is available for group and individual retreats and courses all year round. .

We are urgently seeking a person, or a couple, to serve as housekeeper/manager and, if able, as handyman. The minumum requirement is to cook for resident sangha and individual retreaters, clear snow, mow lawns, chop/carry firewood according to the season, do the shopping, keep the premises clean and functional, etc.
The position is ideal for someone who wishes to live in semi-retreat and offer service to others.

If you are interested to help or participate in any way, or wish to do a retreat here,
please email

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